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GPS provides autism evaluations, individual therapy, and psychological evaluations with offices in Dallas & Plano, TX. Call 214-506-0897 for a free phone consultation.


What we do

Autism Evaluations

There has been many misnomers regarding Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders in the news recently. Dr. Goldberg is trained to administer the “gold-standard” in Autism evaluations which can help to identify social strengths and weaknesses to help your child excel. Research consistently suggests the best prognosis for Autism is early intervention. Insurance will often not pay for intervention without specialized testing that can be administered and interpreted by Dr. Goldberg.


Psychotherapy (or ‘therapy’ for short), is comprised of a series of ongoing conversations. Throughout weekly sessions, Dr. Goldberg can help you to find relief in your distress and help you to continue to grow.

GPS, PLLC strives to help adults, of all ages, find their way. Between work, relationships, and daily tasks, we can forget our purpose and get lost in this busy world. Utilizing evidence-based techniques (EBT), Dr. Goldberg will join you on your path as you work towards feeling better and attempt to make sense of it all.

Psychological Testing

GPS, PLLC provides psychological testing for individuals of all ages. Difficulties in work or school often prompt people to seek out psychological testing. Using a variety of measures, Dr. Goldberg can help identify the individual’s strengths and weaknesses and determine recommendations for success.

Dr. Goldberg can also conduct personality testing to help identify an individual’s possible barriers to treatment in psychotherapy. He will administer measures to identify an individual’s personality characteristics and determine the best mode of psychotherapy. In order to be ethically consistent, Dr. Goldberg does not administer testing to his current therapy clients.



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