Goldberg Psychological Services, PLLC provides numerous psychological services. A brief description of all can be found below.

  • Autism Evaluations - Dr. Goldberg is trained to administer the ADOS-2, known as the “gold-standard” in Autism evaluations. The ADOS-2 consists of a variety of situations to elicit social interactions where your child’s behavior can be observed to determine social strengths and weaknesses. Through the ADOS-2, a structured developmental interview, and other measures, Dr. Goldberg can provide the best recommendations for your child along with a diagnosis, if warranted.

  • Individual therapy - Where you and your therapist can explore what is stopping you from excelling, or simply feeling better in complete confidentiality (except for state laws which your therapist will explain in the first session). GPS recommends weekly therapy for all clients, however clients can select the frequency that works best for them.

  • Couples Therapy - Dr. Goldberg can help you and your partner discover roadblocks in your relationship. Oftentimes, he will recommend one or both partners also attend individual therapy.

  • Psychological Assessment - Assessment, otherwise known as testing, can be helpful in identifying cognitive strengths and weaknesses or personality traits that are blocking you from reaching your goals. Testing is quite a long process. Typically, you and Dr. Goldberg will meet for about an hour for a diagnostic interview, then Dr. Goldberg will administer numerous tests. Once you leave, Dr. Goldberg will score all measures, analyze the results, and provide you with a written report with a face-to-face feedback session.

  • Supervision - Dr. Goldberg has extensive training and experience in supervising psychology students. Dr. Goldberg’s utilizes a psychodynamic style of supervision.

If you are interested in any of these services or more, please do not hesitate to contact GPS at or call Dr. Goldberg at 214-506-0897.